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How to maximise your practice flu vaccination income

11 May 2022

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For the 2022/23 flu season, target groups have returned to pre-pandemic specification, once again excluding 50–64-year-olds and children in school years 7-11, who were temporarily added for the previous year.

But while the eligible cohort may have decreased, there is still around £10,000 of income available for the average practice of 5,000 patients if they meet the target for inviting 100% of their eligible patients for a flu vaccination.

So, how can practices effectively maximise that income? Dr John Allingham, a GP in Leeds, shares some helpful tips:

  • Run conveyor-belt clinics which will get people through fast and early, which should help some practices get people vaccinated before the local pharmacies.
  • Keep on top of any address and phone number changes.
  • Book patients in directly to clinics by phoning those in the target groups.
  • Many eligible patients will also be on repeat prescriptions. Use this as an opportunity to remind patients about vaccinations by leaving messages on the right-hand side of the prescription.
  • Put up posters in the practice waiting room from August onwards.
  • Change the greeting message on the practice phone to include a reminder.
  • Put an advert in a local paper. This may be more cost effective if local practices joined together and split the cost.
  • Take the vaccine on home visits to known target patients, but remember to phone ahead beforehand.
  • Remember the less obvious groups. Good coding for pregnant women and cooperation with midwives helps. Also make sure under-18s who are at-risk are also coded. Occupational coding for healthcare workers in the target groups might also be helpful.
  • Match appointments to vaccine availability and try to use it as fast as possible, both to beat the pharmacists and clear space in the fridge.
  • Remember to code those refusing the vaccine, as this helps with QOF targets and further boosts practice income.

Last flu season, practices maintained a record level of flu vaccination uptake among over-65s, despite low uptake among pregnant women, according to data gathered from general practices in England.

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