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by Our manager in practice
23 July 2009

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Round of interviews gives that sinking feeling in drive to plug the admin gap

Back from holiday this week, only inevitably it seems like a long time ago now. Oh, to be back enjoying those lazy mornings, long lunches, sleepy afternoons and calm evenings …

Right, stop the daydreaming and back to work! I have returned to apply myself to the problem of almost a mass turnover in reception! One experienced receptionist has moved over to admin, one is retiring and another has decided to move on … which leaves a massive gap not just in numbers but knowledge – combined, they have more than 40 years of experience!

Wading through applications, it has hit me how vulnerable we are going to be, as none of the applicants has previous experience in general practice. I’m probably even more grumpy as interviewing is not my favourite task. I know it should be interesting; all these different people and their different views and personalities.

Unfortunately, after asking the same questions two or three times I start feeling the urge to yawn – only about one in six candidates seem to have the spark to make me wake up! However, a manager’s gotta do what a manager’s gotta do, so best to prepare – not only for the interviews but also for the increase in queries and problems I can see coming my way for a while.

And I haven’t even made it to my other practice yet, so goodness knows what awaits me there ….

The added complication is, of course, the increasing numbers of patients with symptoms of swine flu, and the possibility that we have the first among the staff, which could mean some added problems. But perhaps it will be better if it rampages through the practice now!

I have to say I have been really pleased with the way the staff, in both practices, are (so far) taking heed of all the bulletins and proposals about how we plan to cope with what we think is coming. I think I expected some form of rebellion in some quarters about what they would and would not do. However perhaps that is yet to come, if and when things get worse. I will let you know if there are any developments.

Pleasurable as it is writing this blog, this month it is only helping me to procrastinate over the “piles” that waited my return, so best to get on with it. Have a good month!