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by Our manager in practice
29 October 2007

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Recruiting partners and arranging parties

We have just advertised for two partners for the practice. After much discussion as to how to replace our retiring senior partner, we finally decided on two part-time partners, which would amount to slightly more sessions than the current full-timer (as there is always a shortage of appointments and that list size just keeps growing!).

We had much debate on the merits, not least the finances, of salaried GPs versus partners. Although all partners could have been better off in a purely financial way by employing more salaried GPs (we currently have three), we decided ultimately that there is a far great commitment from partners.

Perhaps we have been unlucky, or not managed them properly, but we feel we want more from our GPs than just working 9–5 without taking a really active role in the practice. I would be interested to hear how others are viewing this – perhaps you have salaried GPs that do exactly what you want them to do!

We knew we were bucking the trend slightly, but realised that it may be more than we thought when I placed the advertisement and was asked why everyone seems to be advertising for salaried GPs rather than partners, and why were we then advertising for partners!

Judging by the number of applications that have now been received, there can’t be many practices out there advertising for partners! I have been kept extra busy over the last couple of weeks answering queries and showing prospective applicants around – and this is before we short list or start on interviewing. I can see some more very busy weeks coming up!

I am pleased to be able to write this relatively easily this afternoon after my office has been in uproar most of the week. I have finally got a new desk (a very smart L-shaped affair, which enables me to separate the “computer” bit from a “writing” bit, giving a lot more space into the bargain). Of course, when we came to put it all together we found there was a vital leg missing, but hopefully my keyboard won’t slide off the desk before I’ve finished.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon getting very hot and bothered sorting out spaghetti junction, alias the various connections to and from my laptop, screen, printer, network, PDA, dictaphone, smart card reader and phone!

At least I got everything connected correctly and working in one go – and in time to print out invitations to the practice  Christmas party. We are trying something different again this year – we try to please and vary the type of function – I wonder how many will appreciate/complain or otherwise this year!

Still I must remember it is the season of goodwill to all men, etc, and not prejudge the reactions! Has anybody cracked the minefield of trying to please everyone and never seeming to get it quite right? It would be great to hear of your fantastic successes for parties – and your greatest disasters!

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