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by Beth Kennedy
28 August 2019

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It’s time for change – but there’s no need to be afraid

The past few months have brought in a lot of change for practice managers, with the introduction of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) among one of the biggest things to affect the profession this year.

While the thought of yet another responsibility to add to PMs’ already endless list of tasks may have seemed daunting at first, it’s been a chance for the sector to really show its worth.

From recruiting new network staff to taking on the lion’s share of setting up and running a PCN smoothly, PMs up and down the country have shown just what essential a part they play in the Government’s plans for an integrated primary care workforce.

Here at Management in Practice, we’ve been beavering away to bring you everything you need to kick start your PCN efficiently. But we’re very aware that PMs still have to make time to ensure the day-to-day running of the practice is ticking along, rather than devoting all their time to networks.

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So we’re delighted to share with you our new sister website, Pulse Intelligence. This new information service, which is tailored to your practice, provides unique tools to help you make more money and operate more efficiently. You can find out more about Pulse Intelligence here.

We’re also very excited that by the time this blog is published, you’ll be reading it on our new-look website. With a cleaner, more modern look, we hope you’ll find our new home easier to navigate, and we’re looking forward to sharing some brand new digital projects we’ve got in the pipeline in the near future.

In line with this new digital focus, we’ve decided that our publication will now exclusively be available online via this website. Fans of our print magazine can rest assured, though, that we’ll continue to bring you all you need to be the best practice manager you can be.

While the way you read Management in Practice content may have changed as much as the profession in the past few months, our dedication to championing practice managers and the work you do will remain a constant.


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