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by Our GP partner in practice
1 September 2008

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August and everything after

The weather has been appalling. August has been a wash out. My kitchen roll has been drenched on numerous occasions. My kitchen roll (NHS cutbacks) is given to the tearful and depressed who attend surgery. I’m sure the weather hasn’t helped. There was a slight stemming of the tears during the Olympics, but l expect the inevitable backlash now the Bank Holiday has passed.

August is always tough at the surgery – as well as the drenching from tears and rain, the exodus of doctors makes things tight! However, I mustn’t grumble too much. I had my two weeks off at the start of the school holidays. But I’ve paid a heavy price since then – pass me the kitchen roll.

No sign of my keys, although I was tempted to run a key amnesty in our area! We now have three locks on our surgery doors, my home locks have been changed and the car has been sold.

The last change may seem indulgent, but the loss of the key (I had a spare) was just the impetus I needed to bid farewell to the Alpha. I’ve now gone German: more reliable, more efficient. That said, I used to enjoy my visits to the petrol station – the chocolate croissants and £30 of unleaded were a real treat!

So September, in which we have our “Pre-Away Day” planning meeting. Then we have our practice meeting, and the resurrected extended hours (we had a two-week break) should keep things interesting.

There’s also a flu week, where we blast the population with flu (jabs). We seem to have it sussed, inviting all who are eligible to a week-long clinic. Names are split into alphabetical order: Mondays – surnames A–F, Tuesdays – F–M etc. It’s great as it brings back the wartime spirit. I’m sure I saw a picnic hamper in reception last year and smelt the kippers frying!

Suffice to say, as I read back my ramblings I think the weather has affected me too! Perhaps I need a holiday. I hear the sun was spotted in Great Yarmouth a fortnight ago. Time to get my air bed out!