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Management in Practice Manchester 2010 – presentation slides

14 June 2010

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Here are the slide presentations from the recent Manchester 2010 Management in Practice Event in PDF format for you to download and view at your leisure. (Adobe reader required – click here to download it for free.)

Government proposals for primary care investment and development
Dr James Kingsland
President, National Association of Primary Care

As the keynote speaker for the 2010 Manchester MiP Event, James opened the conference by addressing the most up-to-date government proposals for primary care investment and development.

GP Extraction Service (GPES)
Esther Provins, National Informatics Manager, English National Screening Programme
Dr Peter Scanlon, National Director, English National Screening Programme for Diabetic Retinopathy
Dr Ralph Sullivan, GP and National Clinical Lead for Primary Care, NHS Centre for Health and Social Care

This session introduced the benefits of implementing the GPES in the GP practice and how the service will be used to track national health issues, provide data for QOF and promote national and local QIPP efforts.

GMC overview
Professor Peter Rubin
Chair, General Medical Council

The GMC is now responsible for revalidation – the process by which doctors will show every five years that they are up-to-date and fit to practise, based on evidence gathered during annual appraisal and periodic multisource feedback. Peter discussed the background and future of revalidation in this session, giving an overview of the GMC.

HR: best-practice update
Fiona Dalziel
Practice Management Consultant

Fiona looked at hot employment topics and their impact on running the practice. Topics included: managing absence, fit notes, annual leave entitlements, age discrimination, and the latest employment law cases.

Primary care, the Care Quality Commission and registration
Sue McMillan
Regional Director, Care Quality Commission

Sue looked at the principles and values at the heart of registration, what the new development is likely to mean to practices and their teams, and the potential for the future.

Communication in the practice
Vanessa Young
Practice Manager, NHS Practice Management Network

Deal or No Deal: The New Management Challenge
Caroline Kerby
Practice Manager, NHS Practice Management Network

Caroline and Vanessa looked at the closer working relationship between primary/secondary care and the continuity in care of individual patients. The level of transparency in communications was also discussed.

The global banking crisis, the recession, and public sector funding cuts – is there any good news?
Chris O’Gorman
Programme Director, Quality and Efficiency, NHS Manchester

Chris described the approach being taken to improve quality, productivity and efficiency in Manchester, focusing in particular on the roles primary care and general practice play in shaping the future of local health services. He described the opportunities for GPs in the coming public sector funding environment, as well as the challenges and expectations on them to be major contributors to the ongoing re-engineering of health services.

A responsive practice: the untold benefits of marketing
Dr Michael Taylor
National Chairman, The Family Doctor Association

Michael’s session put marketing into the general practice context, with hints about what works and what doesn’t to benefit your practice, patients and the bottom line. His presentation highlighted the importance of practice identity and brand, and also covered the application of the McKinsey 7S model to general practice.

The NHS and social care complaints procedure
Dr Christine Walker
Medicolegal Advisor, Medical Defence Union (MDU)

Christine’s session outlined the current complaints procedure, introduced in April 2009. It has two stages only, with emphasis on local resolution, learning and improvement. There is a responsibility on the person handling the complaint to work with other responsible bodies involved to produce a single response to the complainant.

Federated general practices – implications for practice managers
Dr Maureen Baker
Member of Council, Royal College of GPs

Maureen concluded the day with her keynote speech on the principle of federations and a future where more collective work is carried out between practices.

Training Workshops

Secure and efficient management of data for medical practices and the health service
Barry Tuckwood
Managing Consultant, Barry Tuckwood Associates

Barry facilitated discussions on how data is obtained and managed for the benefit of patients, medical practices and the NHS. He shared examples of how organisations have improved their effectiveness through careful consideration of the purpose behind collecting and sharing data, the methods by which it is obtained and verified, and the means by which it is shared.

Health and safety update
Neal Stone
Head of Policy and Public Affairs, British Safety Council (BSC)

Neal provided an update of recent developments concerning health and safety, including corporate manslaughter, changes to health and safety penalties and EU directives.