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Management in Practice Birmingham 2010 – presentation slides

25 October 2010

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Here are the slide presentations from the recent Birmingham 2010 Management in Practice Event on 20 October 2010 in PDF format for you to download and view at your leisure. (Adobe reader required – click here to download it for free.)

Management and leadership in the new NHS
Jill Matthews

Director, Primary Care Improvement, Department of Health

Jill discussed the leadership opportunities that the move to GP commissioning will bring for practice managers, and how managers can work together in this new world.

Primary care – CQC and registration

Gemma Rafferty

Strategy Manager, Care Quality Commission

Gemma looked at the principles and values that are at the heart of registration, what the new development is likely to mean to practices and their teams, and the potential for the future.

Patient data: proactive dissemination; data security; new monetary penalties

David Evans

Senior Policy Officer, Public Services, Information Commissioner’s Office

David’s session raised awareness of the obligations to proactively disseminate information, and the considerations that should be taken into account to ensure security of personal data.

Successfully managing your commissioning responsibilities
Carl Ashworth, Dr Paul Davies and Lesley Kippax

Commissioning Business Service

This session looked at how to make the most benefit from the commissioning cycle, specifically: practice business improvement, effective engagement in management, managing risk and patient management.

A responsive practice: the untold benefits of marketing

Dr Michael Taylor

Brand Development and External Relations Lead, The Family Doctor Association

Michael aimed to demystify the art and science of marketing, to enable practice managers to vision new possibilities for further improvement. His presentation highlighted the importance of practice identity and brand.

A legal perspective on the developing and changing role of a practice manager

Derek Bellew

Consultant, Veale Wasbrough Vizards

Derek discussed the structures and cultures general practice may need to adopt, and the manager’s role in relation to regulation, commissioning and the new GP contract.

A plan for all reasons

Helen Northall and Sally Simmonds

Primary Care Commissioning

This session examined the implications of GP commissioning for practice managers, the need to develop a vision for the practice, and how to turn the vision into a plan.

Training Workshops

Getting to grips with employment issues

Alison Telfer

Trainer, Primary Care Training Centre

Alison’s training session identified some key HR-related issues and looked at what is available to support the practice manager. The session also gave a brief overview of the Equality Act 2010, focusing on the provisions that have come into force this October.

Surviving change – a financial perspective

Deborah Wood
Healthcare Services Partner, Moore and Smalley, and Vice Chair, AISMA

Deborah’s training workshop examined hot topics including cost-effectiveness and ways to maximise profitability; the nine “Rs” and the benefits of specialist advice; competition and business structures, and preparations and helpful tips on facing the financial challenges in 2010/11 and beyond.

Knowledge management – secure and efficient management of data

Barry Tuckwood

Managing Consultant, Barry Tuckwood Associates

This session facilitated discussions on how data is obtained and managed for the benefit of patients, medical practices and the NHS. Barry shared examples of how organisations have improved their effectiveness through careful consideration of the purpose behind collecting and sharing data, the methods by which it is obtained and verified, and the means by which it is shared.