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Real-time information on absences required

27 January 2015

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Accessing real-time information on employee absence is something that two thirds of HR professionals would like to see claims research.

A survey of 120 professionals conducted by Midland HR professionals also found a lack of consistency in how absences were reported with confusion over the cost that this would have to the business.

While 56% of organisations refer to the employee’s salary including allowances and benefits (and extra costs like NI, pensions and insurance costs have been incurred), 41% use a combination of salary plus allowances, benefits and on-costs. Only 3% base the cost on the employee’s salary alone.

Most HR professionals (65%) say managing absenteeism is a combined effort of HR and line management.

MidlandHR sales and marketing director, Richard Thomas said managers and HR workers should “work together to create a clear strategy around absence management”.

He said: “Absences need to be monitored and if there are patterns it needs to be addressed. People will give you more if you give them flexibility.

“They will feel beholden. They recognise trust and over-compensate to give back.”