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iQ Short Description of all Tools – Medical Portfolio

16 September 2009

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Special Offer 10% discount for Management in Practice subscribers

iQ Employment Manager – Annual Licence £275 + VAT

A Practice-specific complete system * HR Reference Guide * Contract of Employment * Employee Handbook * NEW Pandemic Flu Emergency Employment Policy * Suite of Templates (letters, checklists, forms, staff records) * Regular Legal Updates * 24/7 Legal Advice Line providing personal expert support * Employment Tribunal Legal Expenses & Awards Insurance Policy.

iQ Health & Safety Manager – Annual Licence £255 + VAT 

A Practice-specific complete system * HS Reference Guide * HS Policy Statement * Health & Safety Policies Manual * Suite of Templates (risk assessments, checklists, report forms, safety signs) * Regular Legal Updates * 24/7 Legal Advice Line providing personal expert support * H&S Prosecution Legal Expenses Insurance Policy.  

         Special iQ Practice Manager 2-product pack price £415 + VAT (Renewal £330 + VAT)

iQ Quality Indicator Manager 2009/10 version available now – £160 + VAT

THE management toolkit to help your Practice manage your points and QOF progress. Includes templates for non clinical indicators and a fully completed set which have been approved by a PCT.

iQ Practice Business Plan – £160 + VAT

A fully-formatted professional financial & management plan specifically for GP Practices * Use the iQ Plan Template, or edit/paste data from the anonomised Sample Business Plan * The Financial Section contains Income, Expenditure, Partners’ Drawings worksheets, which automatically link to create your Income & Expenses Statements and Cash Flow Forecasts. 

iQ Equipment Manager – £275 + VAT

Customisable database inventory of Practice equipment * Records suppliers, maintenance, insurance, warranty, repair, lending, disposals, staff training, etc. * Alert Facility warns of these due dates and non-returned items * Ensures compliance with related health & safety and clinical Practice regulations.

iQ Drug Manager – £295 + VAT

Stock Control System for Non Dispensing Practices handling controlled, personally administrable and privately issued drugs. Formulary links to regular updates of NHS Dictionary of Medicines & Devices. Suite of Reports enables your Practice to monitor stock levels, soon to expire/expired stock and PPA Reporting.

iQ PBC & Budget Manager

A unique Data Validation and PBC solution which enables Practices, Consortiums and PCTs to record and monitor referral and discharge information for episodes of secondary care.  It compares this information to the National Tariff, automatically reconciles the data then highlights any discrepancies e.g. incorrect NHS number/excess bed days/unexpected complications etc.  Specialist clinical knowledge is not required as the system uses a sophisticated mapping mechanism which translates common descriptive medical terminology into HRG codes. It significantly reduces the costly and time-consuming task of validation. The data contained within iQ Budget Manager can easily be reported upon and analysed and so is very useful for Demand Management and PBC purposes.

Price & Demo on Request: [email protected]

iQ Pandemic Flu Planner

A unique planning & management tool for Practices, Pharmacies, Dentists, Out of Hours services and PCTs * Step-by-step process, providing your organisation with a robust, standardised Plan to ensure minimum service levels are maintained throughout the various stages of a Pandemic * The PCT Management Module automatically aggregates data from every organisation’s Plan, so that during a Pandemic available resources can be most effectively deployed.  Price & Demo on Request: [email protected]

iQ Continuity Manager 

A Service Continuity Plan to protect your Practice against single event incidents such as IT failures, fire, burglary, flooding, power failure, water contamination, terrorism * Step-by-step process, the Plan is already prepared for you to review and document your arrangements as relevant * Supporting documentation is provided to use During and After an Incident. 

Individual Practice Price £295 + VAT. PCT network version.

Price & Demo on Request: [email protected]

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