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iQ Management Guides – Overview

24 September 2009

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iQ Management Guides – Overview
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iQ Management Guides are available as free downloads to all MIP subscribers. They provide guidance on topics which are facing Practice Managers today which fall outside the scope of other iQ Tools. More will be added on a regular basis and if you have any suggestions we would be pleased to hear from you.

Extended Hours Guide & Calculator

An FAQ Factsheet prepared by our Employment Legal Advice Service and a Cost Calculator which works out the financial impact on your Practice. (Note: the iQ Employment Manager Contract of Employment template also includes an OPTIONAL “Changes to Working Hours” clause.)

Security Policies
Two policy templates in MS Word format

Information Security Policy follows the principles of GPC/DH Good Practice Guidelines for GP Electronic Patient Records.

Physical Security Policy ensures you review all physical security issues relating to the Practice in preparation for any Service Continuity Planning.

Partnership Agreement

A specimen Agreement in MS Word format to enable your Practice to produce an agreement specific to your requirements. Can be used for both clinical and non-clinical Partners. Also contains links to useful websites and pdf documents which provide additional information and guidance.

GP Partner Person Specification and Job Description
Two templates in MS Word format

Person Specification
Producing a Person Specification will give the current Partners an opportunity to discuss and identify the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience that a new Partner could bring to the Practice and thereby enhance the GP team and the Practice as a whole.

Job Description
Although a Partner is not an employee of the Practice, the process of producing a Job Description allows existing Partners to discuss and identify the main responsibilities of the new Partner.