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iQ Employment Manager

10 September 2009

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A complete HR System providing you with all the necessary documentation your Practice has to produce, prepared in template format that can be edited to your individual circumstances and as the law changes.

Backed up with help from the iQ customer team whenever you need it, regular updates which can be implemented quickly, plus access to over 50 qualified lawyers who can answer any specific queries 24/7, to provide you with a service more dynamic and responsive than any consultancy service.

Finally, we include an insurance policy which protects your Practice from both legal costs and awards if it becomes involved in an Employment Tribunal.

There’s no lock-in or long-term contract – it’s an annual subscription which you decide whether to renew each year.

Benefits of working with iQ

•SYSTEMISED approach
•CONTINUITY of procedures
•REDUCES staff time
•ONE PLACE TO GO for Legal Advice (irrespective of your staff absences/or changes in personnel)

With another provider? If you are currently with an alternative provider, you can easily change and save money!
The iQ System will support you with your existing documentation providing they are up to date and there are no omissions. And if you have a similar insurance policy in place there will be no gap in your cover. This can save the average Practice hundreds, and possibly thousands of pounds if you are using consultants or other expensive providers.

Key Features

12 months subscription – a one off cost for the whole year, no hidden extras:

Online Content

HR Reference Guide and Supporting Templates
Step-by-Step Guide on how to deal with HR issues from Recruitment, to Employment/Contract issues (holidays, sickness, maternity/paternity, disciplinary and grievance, appraisals, etc.) and Termination of the Contract. Over 60 Templates (job application form, induction programme, personnel file, suite of sample letters, checklists, holiday & absence forms, sickness self certification, disciplinary record, appraisals, etc).

Contract of Employment
Statutory Terms and Conditions with easy to personalise individual options.

Employee Handbook
Containing all your Practice Policies and Procedures (holiday, sickness, disciplinary, grievance, personal harassment/bullying, etc).

Regular Update Toolkit

24/7 Employment Legal Advice Service

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unrestricted access to our legally qualified team of employement law experts. They can answer any queries you may have on the new Regulations, or personally advise you on any Employment issue. Documents can also be reviewed and advice confirmed in writing if you request it.

Employment Tribunal Insurance Policy

The iQ Employment Manager legal expenses and awards insurance policy provides up to £50,000 cover per claim with an aggregate limit of £500,000 for all claims in one year. In addition to Employment Tribunal Representation the policy also covers fees, costs, basic and compensatory awards, plus witness attendance allowance and jury service allowance.

•Regular Updates

The unique online UPDATE TOOLKIT follows a 3-step process to give you everything you need to:
1.Learn about the New and Forthcoming Legislation – explained in plain language
2.Implement the Changes, for New and Existing Staff, and
3.Track Changes and view New Content

Customer Support

The Customer Relations Department is available weekdays to support you in using the iQ documentation.

Subscription Cost

iQ Employment Manager £275 + VAT
iQ Health & Safety Manager £255 + VAT

Or special 2-product package price of £415 + VAT (special renewal price £330 + VAT Y2 onwards)

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For further information contact iQ Medical.

iQ Medical, Oakgate House, 25 Market Place, Wetherby. LS22 6LQ | 01937 587798 |  [email protected]