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Wellbeing challenge: week three

12 February 2021

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This is Week Three of the MOT4U Challenge, devised to help keep you running at peak performance in the face of challenging times in general practice. The weekly challenge offers some brief exercises to take part in, and a short video to watch, all focused on your supporting your wellbeing and resilience. 

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Let us know your thoughts and feedback after working through the exercises and watching the video.

Presented by Sheela Hobden of Bluegreen Coaching, with Management in Practice.

The MOT4U Challenge is running for four weeks during February.


A quick exercise to prepare

Using the same technique we learned in weeks one and two, prepare with 7/11 breathing:

  • Breathe in for 7 seconds
  • Pause
  • Breathe out for 11 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times for a ‘mindful minute’.


This week’s theme: maps – purpose and direction

Before sat-nav, we carried a map, either a book or a set of readable directions. Even with sat-nav, we have to programme in the destination we are heading to.

People who are able to identify what we do (work or home) as meaningful and have a sense of purpose in their activities have stronger resilience, thus impacting positively on their wellbeing.

In current times, it sometimes feels like someone has stolen the map, and so even if we only plan the next few turns and then stop to check, we will at least feel we have made some small progress.


Something to watch

Watch this short video from Sheela Hobden for more thoughts on this theme.


Finally for this week, here are some suggested activities for you to try – depending on how much time you have, and how much you want to explore:

 Some questions to mull over

  • If you knew you’d be happy in 10 years’ time, regardless of what you do, how would that change things for you now?
  • How could you increase the meaning of what you are doing now, without drastic change?

Things to try

  • Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths here [register for a free account]. This will help you identify what strengths you value, so you can use them more.
  • Write down one small goal each for: the next hour, today, tomorrow and the week.
  • Post a picture of that represents what keeps you motivated to stick to your direction. Include the tag #mot4uchallenge.

Something to read

Read Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s search for meaning, or watch this YouTube summary (8 minutes).