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The critical impact of mental health

27 January 2015

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Maximising the mental health of employees has been deemed “critical” by leading business professionals.

Speaking at London conference, Why Mental Health Matters, Stephan Bevan, director for Centre for Workforce Effectiveness at the Work Foundation claimed that mental health illnesses should be given parity to physical illness.

Explaining why HR professionals needed to update preconceptions they have around staff with mental health problems he said: “The link between people with mental illness developing physical illnesses is now undisputed.

“It’s still the case that 25% of HR professionals say people with mental health problems are vulnerable and weak.

The mental health of our population will be pivotal to the continued vitality of our economy. My strong sense is that most employers do want workplaces where people feel ‘well’, but more investment is needed if this wish is to actually happen on a more widespread basis.”