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Public sector workers disillusioned

15 July 2013

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Public sector workers increasingly feel they are not making progress in their career, according to recent research. 

The vast majority (72%) do not feel proud to work in their sector, while more than two-fifths (43%) were looking for another job. 

Findings revealed by the Hay Group showed that a further 70% of public sector workers felt that their morale was low. 

John Howarth, associate director in public sector consulting at Hay Group, said: “Within the context of the new economic reality, leaders urgently need to reinvigorate employees’ enthusiasm and reconnect them with a clear organisational purpose and vision.

“If leaders fail to take action, they risk losing their most capable staff. And where talent goes, pride, morale and productivity are sure to follow.”

The research represents a dramatic decline in workplace pride, from that reported last month by hyphen which revealed that around 58 per cent of employees are proud to work for their company.