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Employers ‘overlooking’ older staff

12 July 2013

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Employers are ‘overlooking’ older worker when it comes to hiring new staff, research has shown. 

Despite there being a severe skills shortage in the UK older workers are being ‘left out in the cold’ in the UK. 

A report by Talentsmoothie showed that although 60% of older employees said they have no plans to stop working, 80% of employers are not planning to adapt their policies to take account of this. 

The Ageing Workforce – What’s Your Strategy? suggests that the ‘greying’ workforce could be crucial to plug skill gaps. 

Justine James, the report’s author, said: “Older workers are the main untapped source of hidden labour talent, but most organisations aren’t equipped to recruit and retain them. This has to change given the predicted future skills shortages and the proven business benefits older workers offer.”

Earlier this year, analysis by Dr Lynda Shaw, cognitive neuroscientist and business improvement strategist, said that many older people still faced discrimination in the workforce.