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Doctors ‘more likely’ to raise concerns

10 July 2013

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The medical profession is more likely to raise concerns about patient safety now, than five years ago, a survey has shown. 

In a poll conducted by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) 55% of doctors said they were more willing to raise concerns. 

More than half of the respondents had actively raised concerns (53%) yet many said the matter was not dealt with to their satisfaction (40%). 

Doctors said they felt ignored, or not taken seriously when they made complaints. However just 14% of respondents said they had encountered barriers to reporting concerns. 

Dr Sally Old, MDU medico-legal adviser at the MDU said it is positive that only a small minority were discouraged from reporting issues. 

She said: “It is vital that, when they do raise concerns, doctors feel supported and that they will not suffer personally or professionally as a result.

“The challenge for employers is to create a culture of openness in which all healthcare staff are able to act in patient’s interests without fear of adverse repercussions.”