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A Third of UK employees want better management

3 December 2014

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One third of employees would be willing to switch jobs in order to work for a better boss according to research.

Figures taken from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB)’s Global Labour Market Survey suggests that workers in the UK are among the most likely in Europe to move employers in the near future,

Only 37% of employees in the UK had a strong desire to stay with their current employer in contrast to the 46% in Germany and the 50% in Belgium.

In all areas of business a good relationship between management and employees is crucial, but this is particularly applicable within the NHS.

Earlier this month a General Medical Council (GMC) survey revealed that 10% of young doctors felt that they lacked confidence to raise concerns about patient care.

Maintaining a good working relationship is key to ensuring high quality patient care. Danny Mortimer, chief executive of the NHS Employers organization said: “staff work best when they feel valued and supported.”

Executive director of CEB’s HR practice Brian Kropp commented that “the phrase ‘people join companies and quit managers’ is still relevant, but for different reasons than in the past.”

“As every manager supervises more people and spends less time with each individual employee, every minute of that time takes on greater importance.”

He said. “A single bad interaction that would have been insignificant in the context of a long-term healthy managerial relationship, becomes a real threat when it is one of the very few things your manager has ever said to you.”