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Sponsored: Planning ahead for appraisals in GP practices

1 March 2021

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This article has been provided and sponsored by Quality Compliance Systems

In the latest episode of the QCS General Practice Podcast, Tracy Green, Head of Primary Care talks to Alison Lowerson, QCS’s GP Policy Lead.

Tracy and Alison will be discussing appraisals and how these were paused for GPs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This podcast will aim to provide greater insight into the following areas:

  • Why some people want the appraisal process to carry on
  • What practices should now do who may have paused their own appraisal processes
  • What policies and procedures practices can utilise
  • What we have learnt from talking to GPs, practice managers and the teams.

You can also read more on this topic here: Why appraisals should continue during the pandemic