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Practice manager applauded for GP recruitment

22 January 2016

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Carol Charles, the practice manager of Park Surgery in Great Yarmouth, has been applauded by the Care Quality Commission for her recruitment scheme in the report rating her practice outstanding.

A five-year business plan was in place and this included a supporting action plan demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and development. For example, succession and professional development plans for the GPs and practice manager.

“The practice involvement in training medical students and GP registrar training had not only secured development and recruitment of new GPs and GP partners at the practice, but had been constructive in securing GP recruitment to other practices in the area,” the report read.

Moreover, staff said they felt respected, valued and supported, particularly by the partners and the practice manager at the practice.

The practice has a team of seven GPs meeting patients’ needs. All seven GPs are partners, and hold managerial and financial responsibility for the practice.

The manager was also praised for running a regular audit of patients who did not attend for their cervical screening test, personally calling them in the early evenings “to ensure that patients who were not available during working hours received a personalised telephone call and the information to enable them to make a decision as to whether to attend for screening.”

The surgery had “very high levels” of deprivation and a “significant number” of children on the child protection register, so Charles liaised with the health visitor each month to check the list of ‘at risk’ patients and to let her know which children required immunisations or were a new addition to the child protection register.

See the full report of the practice here