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Payment ‘chaos’ for GP practices

24 April 2013

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Severe cash flow problems have been caused by the April 1 transfer of responsibility away from PCTs, say many GP practices. 

Problems claiming for business rates and water bills and irregular payments have been reported by practice managers. 

NHS England said local area teams were experiencing ‘transitional problems with payments’ but that it was working to sort the issues ‘as soon as possible’. 

A spokesperson for Havering clinical commissioning group (CCG) told Pulse: “The responsibility for primary care now rests with NHS England and the CCG has already met with their representatives to discuss issues such as this on behalf of our membership. 

“We expect this issue to be resolved very soon.”

Dr Chaand Nagpaul from the British Medical Association’s GP Committee said: “My own practice was not paid for a DES from last year, for whatever reason.

Dr Nagpaul warned that practices may have to spend extra time fixing the problems. 

He added: “Trying to find the right person is difficult. Local area teams are more remote to GPs than PCTs were. There are going to be administrative hiccups and there are going to be issues with identifying the right person to solve the problems.”

But NHS England has issued reassurances to practices that it is working to resolve issues.

A spokesperson said: ‘We are obviously committed to ensuring that the right systems are in place to make payments. Where there have been transitional difficulties, these will be resolved as quickly as possible.’