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Management in Practice London 2009 – presentation slides

10 September 2009

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Here are the slide presentations from the London 2009 Management in Practice Event in PDF format for you to download and view at your leisure. (Adobe reader required – click here to download it for free.)

Care Quality Commission and the future registration of primary medical care
Dr Linda Hutchinson
Senior Research Fellow, Director of Registration, Care Quality Commission

From April 2010, all providers of regulated health and adult social care services will be required by law to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and to do so they must show they are meeting new essential common quality standards. The CQC is developing a system of registration for primary medical care. Linda’s keynote presentation, CQC and the future registration of primary medical care, explained how practice managers can start to prepare for this.

Current legal issues affecting general practice
Derek Bellew
Solicitor and Consultant, Veale Wasbrough Lawyers

Derek discussed a number of issues in this session, Current legal issues affecting general practice, including why each practice needs a Medical Partnership Agreement, and the consequences of not having one.

Improving healthcare outcomes and provisions
Adam Harridence
Stakeholder Manager Primary Care, NHS Choices

Adam’s presentation illustrated the key features of the NHS Choices site and what it has to offer GPs and their patients. Later this year, patients will be able to leave comments on NHS Choices about their practice experience, and Adam explained how this will work in practice.

Managing the pace – optimising energy and resilience in difficult times
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan
Therapist, Capio Nightingale Hospital

Nerina described how to harness sources of energy in an integrated theory of energy and performance, and discussed how practice managers can adopt healthy, sustainable habits and integrate these into their working and personal lives.

Resolving disputes at work
Simon Long
Senior Advisor/Conciliator, Acas

Drawing on Acas’s wide experience in dispute resolution, Simon examined the common causes of disputes, identified the barriers to dealing with disputes at an early stage and looked at the alternatives to using the traditional discipline and grievance procedures.

NHS information requirements – information-enabled primary care
Dave Roberts
Programme Head Non-Acute Care/GPES Project Director, NHS Information Centre

The aim of the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) is to provide data extractions from NHS GP practices that are comparable across the whole of the NHS for the first time. Dave explained what the GPES is and how it can help inform and deliver improvement in healthcare, informing policy and ensuring the best use of healthcare resources nationally.

Violence in GP practices
Christopher John
Policy Manager (Violence Strategy), NHS Security Management Service

Tackling violence and aggression against NHS staff is a key priority for the NHS Security Management Service. Chris explained how the roles of the local security management specialist and GP practice manager are key in managing the risks.

Launch of the NHS Practice Management Network and its first publication, Improving access, responding to patients
Sandy Gower, Managing Partner, Bennetts End Surgery, FRCGP (Hons)
Dr Mike Warburton, National Director for Dental and GP Access, Department of Health

Sandy and Mike discussed the launch of the new NHS Practice Management Network, and described the importance of access and responsiveness in primary care, and the practical tools that are available to support providers, commissioners and patient participation groups to improve responsiveness locally.

The future of practice-based commissioning: the role of practice managers
Dr Nick Goodwin
Senior Fellow, Policy Directorate, The King’s Fund

Practice-based commissioning (PBC) is one of the cornerstones of recent government health policy reform, but it is clear that it has not yet lived up to expectations nor delivered its intended benefits. Nick’s presentation, based on a recent two-year assessment of PBC by The King’s Fund, sets out the reasons for this lack of progress. Drawing on lessons from the innovators, Nick discussed how to reinvigorate PBC and examined the potential of integrated care organisations.

Planning your NHS income through recessionary times
Jill Fletcher
Director of Medical Services, PKF (UK) LLP

Jill looked at the recent changes to MPIG, QOF and enhanced services, and the changes that are biting this year. She also looked at the negotiations in respect of revising current PMS contracts covering case studies.

Pitfalls in practice
Dr James Armstrong
Medicolegal Adviser, Medical Defence Union

James looked at a series of dilemmas commonly faced by practice managers on the subject of “the three Cs”: confidentiality, consent and complaints. He provided guidance on the relevant law and ethical guidance that applies in each case.

Swine flu: reducing the risk is everyone’s business
Marilyn Eveleigh
Lead Nurse, NHS Brighton and Hove, and Consultant Adviser, Nursing in Practice

Marilyn covered the latest clinical requirements regarding swine flu and offered practical infection-control solutions to protect your staff and patients.

Polyclinics for patients and staff?
Mark Peters
Director, Clinical Professional

Of 54 contracts announced, 14 have been awarded to private firms or the independent sector. Will this spell the death of small surgeries? Will this mean the privatisation of the NHS? The biggest problem facing us is communication – what is really happening and how will it affect patients, staff and the service? Mark examined these issues in his presentation.