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CQC to monitor QOF scores

26 April 2012

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The Care Quality Commission(CQC) will monitor practices’ Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) scores to assess their risk of non-compliance from April 2013.

In an exclusive interview with GP Business, the CQC’s Clinical Advisor – and former GP – Dr David Haslam said the regulator will develop a ‘Quality and Risk Profile’ for general practices, in which as much data from as many sources will be obtained to calculate a practice’s risk to patient safety.

“Part of [the Quality and Risk Profile] will almost certainly include information that has come from the QOF,” said Dr Haslam.

“But that doesn’t automatically mean if a practice has a low QOF score, our inspectors will be dashing out to see them to find out what is going on.

“QOF scores and other sources – such as NHS Choices – feed into our information and there would have to be a grouping of bad results to give our inspectors cause for concern.”

Dr Haslam also confirmed practices will be inspected by the CQC on a two-yearly basis.

However, he said the CQC information gathering process will mean practices will “not be asked for anything by inspectors”.

Dr Haslam has also said he is “absolutely desperate” to avoid duplication between regulators to reduce the burden of work upon practices.

He confirmed he has met with General Medical Council Chief Executive Dr Niall Dickson to discuss the potential overlap of revalidation and CQC registration processes.

“We are absolutely determined to work together to avoid duplication,” he said.

“But we are fundamentally doing different things.”

The GMC confirmed for GP Business it has met with the CQC on this issue.

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