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CQC guidelines not read by ‘most practices’

29 July 2013

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Up to 95% of practices have not read the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines yet it has been reported. 

Database website Everything CQC claims that at a recent seminar “hardly any hands went up” when practice managers were asked who had read the guidelines. 

The website goes on to state that if this was extrapolated to the rest of the community up to 95% of the general GP population has not read the guidelines, or has given up “part of the way through”. 

“When we asked this question in 2011, hardly any hands went up” said Shabana Dehlavi, the editor of Everything CQC

“But what will be surprising to many is that the same applies, even today”.

Dehlavi said the guidelines are a difficult read because of the bureaucratic language used.  

However, practices are required to be familiar with the CQC Guidelines issued by the Care Quality Commission. 

Although every practice has certified that they are compliant or have an action plan in place, this may not be the care, Dehlavi suggests. 

Click here for the CQC Guidelines for general practice.