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CQC gives 60 practices the wrong rating

8 December 2014

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An apology has been issued by the Care Quality Commission after it gave 60 practices the wrong safety ratings.

The GP Intelligent Monitoring (IM) scheme, which was launched last month and gave practices a rating of one (high risk) to six (low risk) is now overhauling a number of indicatiors used to rate levels of risk.

There were 60 practices, initially place in the ‘1’ or ‘2’ bands which have now been declared notto be a potential risk.

Another seven practices, initially considered to be of ‘low risk’ will now need earlier inspections.

The GP IM scheme was launched to help the CQC make decisions on which inspections to prioritise.

Writing on the CQC website Professor Nigel Sparrow, senior national GP advisor and responsible officer said: “This first set of data, published in line with our commitment to transparency, showed overwhelmingly that most GP practices were of low concern.

“Following feedback from national and local stakeholders, and working with NHS England, we have now completed a comprehensive review of the data and, as a result, there are a number of changes.”

“The vast majority of GP practices will not be affected by these changes. Overall, 60 practices (less than 1%) previously in higher priority bands 1 and 2 will now move to bands which are of lower priority for inspection.

“We will contact each of those practices to apologise for any concern this may have caused GPs, their staff and their patients. We will also contact the seven practices which will move into a higher priority band as a result of these changes”