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Zostavax unavailable until December

11 November 2013

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Zostavax, the shingles vaccine, will not be available in the UK until December. 

Information on the Public Health England (PHE) website has been amended to say that the vaccine will be likely be available in December, not “likely to be available later in November or December”. 

All other information on the website has remained the same, however. 

Accordting to PHE, Zostavax was removed from the ImmForm website in October because practices had been “multiple ordering” the vaccine. 

Yet the latest Shingles Vaccine Update, states “rigorous testing” which must be done before the vaccines can be used in the UK caused the delay. 

Speaking at the end of October, Bruce Taylor, head of vaccines and countermeasures response at PHE, said: “Although we are disappointed with the delay of the shingles vaccine arriving in the UK as planned, PHE is working with the manufacturer to agree remedial action and resume supplies as quickly as possible.

“A large quantity of vaccine has already been distributed across the UK to start the programme which began on 1 September.”

PHE have yet to comment on the further delay to supplies.