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Younger workers feel more stressed

7 June 2011

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British employees aged 18-29 are experiencing high levels of stress at work, and believe that their employers are pressurising them to bear the brunt of recovery from recession, according to a new study.

Market research agency GfK NOP Engage found in its survey that two-fifths of workers in the 18-29 age group feel stressed at work, compared with a quarter of those aged over 60.

The poll of more than 1,000 people showed that two-fifths of workers aged 18-29 believe their bosses are using the tough economic climate to justify increasing their workload.

The increasing pressure at workplace is having a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of younger workers, with many saying their work-life balance is always a concern.

According to an international study for the report, the UK ranked 17 out of 29 nations for engagement of their young workers with their employer. Countries such as Macedonia, Turkey, Mexico, France and the United States figure ahead of the UK in the list.

Sukhi Ghataore, director at GfK NOP Engage, said: “Businesses that view young staff as cheap and expendable may well come to count the cost.”

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“If staff are regarded as cheap and expendable the wrong staff are being recruited and it sounds like the wrong people are doing the recruiting. The amount of time and effort that goes into properly recruiting staff, never mind advertisement costs, surely indicates that you should hope this person has a future with the practice/company/firm. Or is this just a reality check to many young people who have in many respects had life easier than those of us who trained 30 years ago?” – Name and address withheld