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Young people challenged to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles

8 April 2016

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Young people are being challenged to develop healthy habits and find out more about getting active and living healthier lives, by a public health charity.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is launching the “Dream it. Try it. Live it” social media campaign to help young people take control of their health.

The campaign will look at a range of subjects which affect young people including mental wellbeing, body image and the importance of sleep.

The youth-led campaign is being launched on August 1 and will be led by a team of 14 to 21 year-old volunteers.

They will be involved in making videos, writing blogs and working with a range of public health organisations.

It is also looking for organisations to get involved in the campaign.

Young people aged 24 to 25 can also gain qualifications as youth health champions to help pass the healthy living message on to their peers.

RSPH’s chief executive Shirley Cramer said: “We are passionate about empowering young people to make informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing, particularly through the youth health champion qualification and our support of the wider health movement.”

She added: “Using a youth health driven campaign we hope to inspire more young people to get active and adopt healthy behaviours that will stick with them for life.”

Campaign updates will be posted here