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Workplace malaise causes £92bn productivity loss

12 January 2012

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Workplace discomfort and unease could be costing businesses as much as £93bn in lost productivity, research claims.

As we fast approach Blue Monday (16 January) – widely believed to be the most depressing day of the year – employers are being urged to allow employees to personalise their workspace in a bid to up productivity.

Research by the University of Exeter and interior landscape company Ambius found businesses can improve productivity by 32% by giving allowing employees to have input into the development of their workspace.

“Many businesses don’t understand the detrimental effect a depersonalised, sleek and sparse workplace can have on well-being,” said Kenneth Freeman, International Technical Director for Ambius .

“Creating an engaging workspace is key to business success.  Even if it’s as simple as introducing plants, from our research, people report being happier at work, more engaged with their employer, and are visibly more effective in doing their jobs.”