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Workers banned from using Facebook

12 May 2011

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Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have been banned in the workplaces of around half of all employees, a survey has revealed.

Staff are not allowed to use the social networking sites because their bosses think it will distract them from their work and possibly bring the reputation of their company into disrepute, the poll of more than 2,000 employees for computer services provider HCL Technologies found.

Chief Executive Vineet Nayar said: “It is quite remarkable that in this day and age, many employers are still putting their employees’ interests as a low priority by not allowing them to use sites like Facebook.

“While we always advocate responsible use of social networks in the office, banning them outright will impact employees’ approach to work in a negative way, having a detrimental effect on the business as a whole.”

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“Use Facebook in time where they are being paid to work, you are kidding! How exactly is it in the interest of an employee to demonstrate that they are under-employed or so antisocial that they do not interact with colleagues in their breaks? A job review would be in order with view to reduction in hours/redundancy if I found this going on in paid time. It is explicit in our contract that such use will NOT be made of our computers. I also question the suggestion that use of social networking sites is in anyone’s interest. Get a life get some real friends!” – Name and address withheld