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Work-life balance hit by downturn

4 August 2011

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Employees are feeling obliged to spend more time at work and less time at home ever since the economic downturn began, a study has revealed.

According to a report commissioned by the Cornwall Development Agency, based on a survey of 3,000 workers, under-staffing is also to blame and, therefore unsurprisingly, more than a third think their working life has deteriorated in recent years.

Many of the workers polled revealed they had been handed extra responsibilities, worked in under-staffed offices and worked longer hours to earn money or because they feared they would lose their job if they did not do so.

Four out of five people polled said that a good work-life balance helped improve productivity and better enabled a business to attract and retrain staff. A third felt flexible working hours were important in achieving a good balance.

Suzanne Bond, Chief Executive of the Cornwall Development Company, said: “This report firmly underlines the business case for a good work-life balance.”

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