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Work ethic ‘rated above skills’

7 July 2011

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Employers rate a good work ethic above skills when looking to recruit for ‘entry level’ posts, according to a think tank.

A study by The Centre for Social Justice found 82% of employers looked for a good work ethic when taking people on, in comparison to 38% who rated literacy and numeracy skills.

The think tank said a poor attitude towards work among the long-term jobless was a major barrier to tackling unemployment.

Some 62% of employers said they had turned down applicants for unskilled jobs in sectors such as catering, manufacturing and retailing, because of a poor work attitude and ethic, in comparison to 29% who said their decision was based on a lack of skills.

The think tank said a fourth ‘R’ – responsibility – should be taught alongside the core subjects at school.

‘Entry level’ jobs make up about a third of the total UK workforce but many companies choose to take on migrant workers over British nationals because of their better work ethic, the report said.

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