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Unions call for simplified funding for health students

8 August 2008

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Unions and professional organisations representing healthcare students have called for a simplified financial system to encourage more people into a career in healthcare and better support those currently training.

In the new jointly published report, Student Experience – the case for change, the unions highlight the many challenges facing health students today, and provide a blueprint for ensuring that those studying are kept out of poverty.

Further financial recommendations include standardising funding for students on diploma and degree courses, and looking at the issue of student loans as a whole.

The report also recognises that many students have to rely on their families to provide childcare. Providing a £2,000 parental allowance grant towards the cost of childcare would provide a greater pool of childcare options.

The unions believe that the overhaul is long overdue. Addressing the concerns in the report and implementing its recommendations will encourage high-quality students into healthcare. This is in turn means high-quality care for patients.