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Under-30s ‘more likely’ to call in sick

27 September 2011

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People under 30 are twice as likely to take time off work for a cold than the older generation, research claims.

In a survey of more than 3,000 British workers, more than half (55%) of people over the age of 55 revealed they hadn’t taken a sick day in the last year compared to less than a third of under 30s (30%).

The under 30s were also “far more likely” to take time off because of stress, tiredness and feeling run-down than the over 55s, who said “it wouldn’t be a reason to call in sick”.

Almost one in five (18%) of 18-29 year-olds surveyed admitted they have called in sick because they were “too hungover” to go to work.

Such people were also likely to call in sick for constipation and car sickness.

This is compared with 85% of 55 year-olds surveyed, who claimed they wouldn’t call in sick unless they were “bedridden”.

“Today’s fast paced, work hard play hard lifestyle appears to be taking its toll on the younger generation,” said Peter Morton, Marketing Manager from Multibionta – the company that commissioned the research.

“This generation of young adults must recognise the importance of looking after themselves and ensuring they take steps to ensure they lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

Older respondents to the survey consider themselves healthier than the younger generation. 59% of those aged 55 or over believe they are healthier than their parents, compared to 37% of 18-29 year-olds.

The research showed under 30s drink more, work longer hours, sleep less and eat a more unhealthy diet than people twice their age.

They are also more likely to smoke and suffer from stress.

Why do you think the over 55s appear healthier than the under 30s? Your comments (terms and conditions apply):

“Because you live and learn!!!!!” – Marie, Lancs

“Gone are the days of conscientious workers. As Staff Manager I’ve found it costly, time consuming and difficult to prove, monitor and act against staff sickness and this is common knowledge. Nothing to do with over-55s being more healthier, the over 55s are more likely to have more serious problems with their health but are less likely to complain about it or use it as an excuse for time off. All mind over matter – it’s just that the over-55s have the mind, under-30s have the matter!!” – Maureen, London