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UK workers ‘most critical of employers’

17 May 2011

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British workers are more critical of their bosses than their foreign counterparts, a survey has found.

Monster carried out a poll of 9,000 workers across 52 countries and found that those in the UK were the most likely to find fault with their employer.

Two out of five of the 600 workers questioned in the UK told the recruitment firm their boss was “totally incompetent”, in comparison with workers in countries such as China, where nearly a third said their employer was “brilliant.”

Fewer than one in five British workers said their manager was more capable than them while three out of four said their boss failed to invest properly in staff development or training and many did not think their employer cared about their health or wellbeing.

Isabelle Ratinaud, of Monster UK & Ireland, said: “This survey reveals huge frustration among junior members of staff, with the vast majority believing they are competent enough to take on more responsibility.

“In reality, it is unlikely that there are so many poor and incompetent bosses in the UK.

“It is more likely that employees either harbour some resentment because they want the larger salaries and better perks or because there is insufficient communication between leaders and their teams.

“Junior employees should also remember that it’s often the most senior members of staff that carry the burden of failure and have to be the bearer of bad news.

“However, that is not to say workers should put up with an incompetent employer.”

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