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UK GP funding increases by 0.4%

17 October 2011

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England has received the lowest increase in general practice funding, according to figures from the NHS Information Centre.

Annual investment in general practice in England was £8,349.4m in 2010/11, an increase of 0.3%.

This is compared to an increase of 0.7% in Wales to £463.6m and an increase of 1.7% in Scotland to £741.6m.

Northern Ireland saw the only decrease in funding, from £238.3m to £234.7m (-1.5%).

Total investment in general practice in the UK increased by 0.4% from £9,748.7m to £9,789.4m.

In a statement to Management in Practice, Health Minister Lord Howe said: “The NHS is continuing to increase investment in GP services, putting more money into frontline community services for patients.

“This will ensure that all patients get the benefit of high quality GP services, contributing to an improvement in the health of the population.”

Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) funding increased in England and Wales in 2010/11, with Northern Ireland again showing a marginal decrease.

Wales was the only UK country to receive an increase in funding for general practice out of hours services in 2010/11.

Local Enhanced Services (LES) funding was also cut in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland saw an increase in LES funding to 22,888 from 21,492 in 2009/10.