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Tory leader puts NHS at heart of political battle

10 September 2007

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Conservative leader David Cameron has reiterated his commitment to the NHS and said doctors and nurses should get greater control.

In a wide-ranging speech, the Tory chief hit back at critics on both sides of the party who have struggled with his modernising agenda.

He said: “Forget about those on the left who say I shouldn’t talk about Europe, crime or lower taxes or those on the right who say I shouldn’t talk about the NHS, the environment or wellbeing.

“That is a false choice and one I will not make. All these areas of policy matter to people in Britain today, and they are all long overdue for the modern Conservative freedom and control agenda.”

Mr Cameron also mocked some of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s policies.

He added: “Gordon Brown just doesn’t get it. When I look at him, one phrase comes into my mind: ‘Oh ye of little faith.’

“He has little faith in anyone but himself, little faith in the people of this country, the doctors, the nurses, the teachers, the police officers, any of us at all.

“I do have faith, faith in the men and women of Britain who make this country great, and will make it greater still if we give them more power and control over their lives. Those are our values, that is our agenda, and this is our time.”

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