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Tory leader attacks Labour and promises more power for GPs

4 October 2007

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Conservative leader David Cameron has attacked Labour’s record on health and said a personalised NHS system will give more control to GPs.

In a speech designed to rally the country behind the party in the event of a snap General Election, Mr Cameron also criticised a range of government measures and said minister have “failed” the health service.

He said: “I think it’s because reform has been top down. I think they have demoralised staff in the NHS and questioned their vocation and professionalism.

“I think Labour have got something else wrong. They talk about a personalised NHS but they have done nothing to deliver it. We have got to scrap these top-down targets and trust our professionals in the NHS.

“That doesn’t mean letting go and just giving up on quality – quite the opposite.”

Mr Cameron added a “personalised” NHS should allow people to choose the GP they want, and let GPs control their budgets and the hospitals they want to use.

He also went on to attack Labour’s new citizens’ juries, dismissing the idea that they help make decisions and describing them as “glorified focus groups”.

“Government asks your opinions and does what they want to do anyway,” he said.

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