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Too many commissioners don’t provide for local populations, says think tank

5 December 2007

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Too many organisations are failing to deliver basic care, which is “unacceptable”, says King’ Fund chief executive Niall Dickson.

Responding to yesterday’s State of Healthcare report by the Healthcare Commission, Mr Dickson said: “There are still a number of organisations that are failing to deliver basic care.

“It is unacceptable that patients in 21st century England are receiving care that does not meet minimum standards. Patients need to know when they go into hospital that it is a safe and caring environment, where basic needs such as feeding and bathing will be met.

“This report once more suggests that too many of the organisations responsible for commissioning do not fully understand the health needs of local people and, even when they do know, are not always providing the services required to meet those needs.

“Patients in poorer areas are still getting a raw deal. There is a special and urgent challenge to reduce inequities and improve the quality of care in poorer areas to match that on offer to patients living in more affluent ones.”

King’s Fund

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