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Test version of NHS Wales App launched

by Julie Griffiths
28 November 2022

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A beta version of the NHS Wales App is being trialled by around 1000 people registered at 10 GP practices in Wales.

The app will launch to the public next year as part of the Digital Services for Patients and Public (DSPP) programme.

The aim of the app is to give people secure access to health and care services through their smartphone, tablet or laptop. For example, patients in Wales will be able to book appointments, see test results and order prescriptions via the app. It meets strict accessibility guidelines and will be accessible to people with visual impairment.

Longer term, the NHS Wales App aims to provide patients with access to a wider range of health, care and wellbeing services, so they can proactively manage every aspect of their health. This could include access to social care services, information from self-monitoring devices such as smartwatches, wellbeing services, and data held by third-sector organisations.

During the beta phase, which began this month, users will test the functionality and features of the app to help identify any issues or bugs in the software before it is rolled out.

While there are similarities with the NHS App in England, the NHS Wales App requires different functionality to give wider access to health and care services across Wales.

It will also require additional technology that will allow the provision of digital health services in Welsh.

 The DSPP programme has said that it is developing additional technology to help health and care providers manage the security, access and exchange of patient data across Wales.

It said that providers can use this technology to develop their own digital services for the people they support, faster and more effectively.