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Telehealth video call scheme to be extended to more trusts

22 April 2010

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The telehealth scheme run by NHS Yorkshire and Humber, which enables patients to speak to their GPs through video phone calls, has now been made available to other regional health trusts.

The extension of the scheme, which also helps to monitor patients’ long-term health and provides advice and information, is not without criticism however.

North Lincolnshire doctor Ajay Vora said Telehealth, which is similar to NHS direct, may create extra work for GPs in his area and complained that the Government seems to want to remove any physical contact between patients and doctors.

“The problem with NHS Direct is that patients who have come to see me once often come back again having seen something contradictory on NHS Direct,” he said.

“The government seems to have an instance on taking patients away from their doctors, when any patient will tell you they prefer to have a one-on-one relationship with their GP, who knows about them and their medical history.

A spokesman for NHS North Lincolnshire said the trust will look at the possibility of introducing telehealth over the next few weeks.

“NHS North Lincolnshire is always keen to explore opportunities that offer people greater flexibility in their health and social care,” he said.

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