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Tablet consultations software launched

21 February 2013

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New software launched by EMIS will allow GPs to carry out consultations on tablets.
EMIS Mobile will allow clinicians to access their clinical record system across all the main platforms, including from iPads to Android and Windows 8.
“The most modern technology is now at clinicians’ fingertips, helping them to save time and paperwork and drive up standards of patient care,” said Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, clinical and development director at EMIS. 
Clinicians will be able to conduct fully coded assessments and consultations, access their appointment book and diary, create tasks for follow ups and referrals and capture key information for QOF and community information dataset purposes, the developers claim. 
Initial research by the software provider shows growing interest in mobile working among GPs, which it claims reflects the trend in mobile working among the general population.
The software has been made available to the 1676 GP practices already using the company’s web healthcare system.