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Swine-flu vaccinations exceed one million as death rate rises

27 November 2009

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UK swine-flu vaccinations for high-risk patients exceeded one million in the first month of the programme as the weekly death rate inched upwards.

Sir Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer for England, said the vaccination figure does not include healthcare workers, who were among those first in line.

The figure – one in 10 of the at-risk population – was announced as the number succumbing to the virus in England fell from 46,000 in the last week from 53,000 the week before.

There has also been a slight reduction in the numbers in hospital, from 783 to 753.

But the number of deaths in a single week is at its highest – 21 confirmed in England in the last seven days. The total in England is now 163, up from 142, with the UK total now at 242, up from 214.

After the at-risk programme – people with asthma, heart disease and diabetes – is complete, GPs will move on to the under-fives.

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