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Survey seeks practice managers’ views on practice finance issues

7 October 2008

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The latest Management in Practice survey is seeking practice managers’ opinions on a range of financial topics related to general practice.

Should prescriptions be free? Should patients have personal care budgets? What effect do you think the current economic troubles will have on your practice finances? Will you be affected by the removal of the minimum practice income guarantee (MPIG)?

The survey asks several questions on topics including your financial outlook, patient services and staffing and salaries.

It is intended to gauge the consensus of opinion among practice managers on issues affecting practice income, or that may affect practice income in the future.

A full report on the results of this survey will be featured in the upcoming Winter 2008 issue of Management in Practice.

Four respondents chosen at random will win £50 worth of M&S vouchers. The survey will close on Friday 24 October.

The survey is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Click here to complete the survey.

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