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Survey reveals nursing discontent

7 December 2010

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A new survey has revealed that thousands of nurses have considered abandoning their jobs in the last year because of NHS restructuring.

More than 60% of the 11,500 nurses surveyed by Incomes Data Research on behalf of 13 trade unions had thought fairly or very seriously about leaving their job in the past 12 months, according to a report in Nursing Times.

Of those who had considered leaving, 78% cited stress or workload as a reason, while 43% blamed staff shortages.

Meanwhile 54% were unhappy with NHS restructuring, 26% blamed working hours and 37% were unhappy with target setting.

Two-fifths had thought about a career in teaching, while 28% had considered jobs in caring services, 23% in management and 21% in retail.

The research, which canvassed 31,000 union members, has been submitted to the NHS pay review body.

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