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Survey predicts less public sector reliance

12 September 2011

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One in three healthcare business professionals predict there will be ‘much less’ reliance on the public sector thanks to the government’s health reform, research suggests.

Under the government’s Health and Social Care Bill, the healthcare space will be opened up to private operators. As a result, 59% surveyed by Barclays Corporate believe there will be ‘less reliance’ on the public sector in the next decade.

Of these, 31% predict there will be ‘much less’ reliance on the public sector.

Almost one in eight survey participants expect the healthcare landscape to become more regulated, a third of which predict ‘much more’ red tape.

Yet despite the uncertainty and confusion among healthcare professionals due to the government’s health reform plans, theUK 2021 report claims the healthcare sector is ‘surprisingly confident’ over the future of the UK economy.

More than half of the healthcare business professionals surveyed believe the UK will be a better place to do business in 2021.

A further 62% expect the economy to grow and 51% expect ‘steady and sustained growth’.

“The confidence displayed by the sector is a welcome sign of the belief in the fundamental strength of the UK healthcare industry, and underlines the temporary nature of the challenges we are currently experiencing,” said Paul Birley, head of healthcare at Barclays Corporate.