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Survey: CCGs will ‘exclude people’ from healthcare

30 January 2012

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A poll suggests the majority of NHS staff fear that the creation of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will exclude more people from healthcare.

A YouGov survey of more than 1,600 health professionals found 70% surveyed said the proposed Health Bill would impede their ability to make efficiency savings.

Almost one in seven respondents fear Lansley’s plans will lead to patient charges for basic services such as ambulances, cancer screening and maternity care.

More worryingly for the GP-led proposed health reforms, more than three-quarters (78%) of those polled said they believe “CCGs would not ensure everybody would receive the care they need without exclusion.”

“For over a year 38 Degrees members have been telling Andrew Lansley to stop ploughing on regardless and to start listening to the concerns of the public and health care professionals,” said David Babbs, Executive Director of campaigning group 38 Degrees.

“Time and again Lansley’s tried to claim that the silent majority of NHS staff support him. This poll shows that’s not true.”

The majority of the staff surveyed (71%) also said Andrew Lansley is “performing badly” in his role as Health Secretary.