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Supermarket to extend doctors’ surgeries

7 December 2010

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Supermarket retailer Sainsbury’s has said it will be increasing the number of its new in-store GP practices with the inclusion of four more doctors, Pulse has reported.

The first one was opened in the company’s Heaton Park store in Manchester, which is to be followed by a new doctors’ surgery in Colne, Lancashire.

Sainsbury’s has said it received a lot of interest from GPs at a roadshow it held in Crewe. According to Pulse, the firm has told GPs it will offer premises free of charge at around 200 of its shops for them to set up a medical practice.

A spokesman for the supermarket told the publication: “Our event in Crewe was very well received by the GPs that attended and we have expressions of interest in three local stores with one of these already set to move to next stage.”

Many GPs have criticised the move by Sainsbury’s.

The new chairman of the Royal College of Practitioners, Clare Gerada, said that “supermarkets should stick to selling fruit and vegetables”.

Dr Gerada added: “Dealing with the sick and vulnerable needs more than a conveyor-belt, quick-fix approach to healthcare delivery.”

Sainsbury’s refused to comment.

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“I wonder if they will offer rewards on their loyalty card for seeing the GP – quite disturbing!” – Bobbie, Kent