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Students “put health at risk by not registering with local GP”

9 September 2009

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Students are reportedly putting their health at risk because they are not registering with a local GP when they arrive at college or university.

Regional director of public health for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, Paul Johnstone, said: “It’s vital that anyone moving to a new area gets registered with a local GP as soon as possible.

“Tens of thousands of students will be moving to the region but we estimate that only a handful will bother to get a doctor.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting a doctor; it is essential in ensuring that you get the quickest diagnosis and treatment.

“People who don’t register with a GP are also more likely to put off seeing a doctor if they are ill. Ignoring a problem can make it worse and making a full recovery can be more difficult.”

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Registering with a GP

What’s your view? Should students be encouraged by their universities to register with a GP? Your comments (terms and conditions apply):

“Perhaps the Regional Directors of Public Health need to speak to Andy Burnham and Andrew Lansley to make this point? These two politicians seem to expect any practice to register a patient from anywhere in the UK and patient care not to suffer!” – Alan Moore, Cheshire

“Logic says yes they should. However, they may want to retain the continuity of care and few of us believe that we are going to be ill so are willing to take the risk. Students are in a temporary situation. My son was at Cambridge where there are only 24 weeks in an academic year. It made sense to stay with our family doctor until he moved away for work” – Name and address withheld