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Stressed mothers risking their health by hitting the bottle

2 September 2008

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Mothers are turning to drink because of stress, a Netmums survey has found, with half drinking at home three or four nights a week.

Of those who drink more than the recommended 14 units a week, 86% said they thought they were drinking too much, while 81% did so to wind down.

More than half of people aged 25–44 saying they drank through stress compared with 30% of those over 55.

A bottle of wine (ABV 13.5%) contains 10 units of alcohol, and experts warn that sharing one with a partner each day puts both over the recommended daily limit.

Siobhan Freegard of Netmums said: “Many mums and dads are developing a ‘bottle a night’ habit without thinking about the health consequences.

“Juggling work and home life can be stressful, but it’s important not to allow yourself to slip into the routine of relying on alcohol to help you unwind.”

GP Dr Sarah Jarvis said: “Turning to the bottle can actually increase your stress levels. Try exercise or a nice warm bath to unwind instead.”

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