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Standardised premises agreements drawn up

2 March 2013

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Surgeries in formerly-PCT owned premises will have standardised lease agreements drawn up, but it is unlikely the arrangements will be formalised before PCTs are disbanded at the end of March.  
The NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) and the Department of Health (DH) are aiming to replace the varied arrangements between surgeries and PCT landlords with one agreement held by the NHS Property Service company.
British Medical Association (BMA) GP Committee premises expert Dr Peter Holder said a template could reduce disputes between GPs and their landlords around payments or responsibility for repairs. 
Many different leasing arrangements have developed over the years between GPs and landlords, Dr Holden said. 
“Some GPs have formal leases, some have licences to occupy and others have nothing other than what are effectively squatters’ rights.
“If a licence is standardised we will all be able to see from a million miles if anyone is trying to pull a fast one.”
However, when asked if the template would be ready for when CCGs take over in April he told Pulse: “I don’t know any lawyers that work that fast.” 
The DH has assured GPs that their rights will be maintained when the NHS Property Services company takes over from PCTs. 
An NHS Commissioning Board spokesperson said: “A single lease agreement is being worked upon and details of the agreement will be made available when the terms have been agreed.”